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Badges, Medals, and Awards of the Third Reich


Welcome to my website! Here I will be showcasing my collection of WW II German medals, badges and awards. Please note that this is not a revisionist or neo nazi site. This is a site by a collector, for collectors and in no way promotes hatred or violence.

On these pages you will find badges and awards from all branches of the Wehrmacht, and of political organisations such as the SA and SS.
I came to appreciate these items for not only for their historical significance, but also because they are miniature works of art. The dynamic designs and detail in these pieces are sometimes nothing short of amazing.
Acknowlegement for services rendered, be it a soldier, factory worker, even mothers of soldiers, did not go unrewarded. Everyone had a place in the Third Reich, and their acts in this position were often applauded in one way or another.

Notice to other collectors: If you should see something on these pages that you believe to be either fake or mislabeled, by all means, let me know! Email me at

I don't go into detail here covering award criteria or dimensions. For this type of information I suggest you click on the link below to visit this website. While you are there, be sure to check out the forum. It is a cornucopia of information!



Awarding the EK II

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